Listen2 - Radio Advertising Dubai UAE

We make nice stuff to Listen2.

If you've got a radio advertising campaign coming up in the UAE, we can help.


Audio production.

We're the newest production house.

We've been making audio for radio campaigns for years!
Protools, plugins, filters, limiters, formats... Eugh

What we care about it what comes out the speakers - how engaging the campaign will be.

Let our experts worry about all the details while we work together to get the perfect end result.

Ideas and planning.

Sometimes, you just need a killer idea.

How can we make our spot sound different to every other radio ad out there?
How can we engage with our target audience?

Will we create leads back to our buisness?

We have answers to all of these ready for you - send your breif our way and just see what we come back with.

Ok, lets do this.

Send us a message and tell us about you!

If you have a campaign brief - we'd love to see that too.

We can send you our spot production rates or even a few ideas to give you a taste of what we can do together.